For JS. Work smart — not hard!

“We kill time. We save time. We rob and get robbed of time, we lose time, and we have all the time in the world. But no one of us is powerful enough to stop the march of time or slow it down.”

Programers know all about it. Time is money and there is never enough of them both. It’s funny how we are okay with doing the same thing every day, repeatedly. Brushing teeth, taking shower, or taking the vitamins and dring greens! — oh… it’s just me? Ok.
But what if we could use a shortcut but still get a 100% of the work/ content?
I am not sure if anyone invents a shortcut of brushing teeth, but we can assume that shower is a shortcut to bath? Well done!

Programer’s solution to make their work faster, more productive, and more efficient is to use extensions created to shortcut almost anything. From functions, components to even clearing the spaces between code lines to make it the way it supposed to be!

Since JavaScript is my platonic love, let me share with you my favorites VSCode extension for JS:

One of my fav! It’s an opinionated code formatter turned into an extension for VS Code. Prettier take care of formatting for you. It creates an abstract syntax tree from your code and uses it to write new code formatted according to a set of rules. Love it!

Helps you write the code much, much faster by using shortcuts! Examples:
* rce — React Class Component with Filename as Component name;
*rcep — React Class Component including Proptype with Filename as Component name;
* rfce — React functional component;

Supports ES201x, React and JSX syntax highlighting. It might not look like much essential, but it does make a huge difference!

Path Intellisense is a must-have VSCode extension, one of the function is to auto-complete the path of the file you are importing from, it will automatically show up.

GitLens simply helps you better understand code. Quickly glimpse into whom, why, and when a line or code block was changed. Jump back through history to gain further insights as to how and why the code evolved.

I can’t even say how many times I had a problem with the localization of the missing/ additional bracket. If someone would pay me 5$ every time I have this bug, I would be a millionaire. Life/time saving extension.

Paste as JSON is letting you quickly convert your JSON data into JavaScript codes.

That’s all from my favorites.
Don’t forget that you can always make your own snippets. If there is something missing and you feel like it would make your work easier and faster take a look here at how to make custom snippets. Work smart — not hard!

Stay tuned!