Why is so popular and important?

JavaScript is a flexible and powerful programming language that is implemented consistently by various web browsers. Along with HTML and CSS, it’s a core component of web technology. While HTML is responsible for structure and CSS is responsible for style, JavaScript provides interactivity to web pages in the browser.

While JavaScript is not the only client-side scripting language on the Internet, it was one of the first and it is still the most widely used. JavaScript has become integral to the Internet experience as developers build increased interaction and complexity into their applications and make responsive design easier.

Did you JavaScript was never meant to become the cornerstone of modern web development? In fact, the language was created in less than two weeks, with a very different purpose in mind.
When the Internet boomed with public usage in the 1990s, technology companies battled to build the most powerful and efficient web browser on the market. This sparked the first “browser war,” between Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and NetScape (NetScape Navigator) to gain dominance in the usage share of web browsers. Netscape needed a lightweight scripting language for easier programming. This ultimately made web development more accessible, unlike other languages that required deeper training. In 1995, a NetScape employee, Brendan Eich, was given ten days to help build the company a lightweight scripting language. As a result, Eich built Mocha, which was later renamed JavaScript.

Today, JavaScript is one of the most powerful languages on the planet because of its performance and omnipresence. JavaScript (Node) is highly scalable (with supersets like TypeScript). Running on a single-threaded architecture, people often criticize Node for its lack of threading environment, but the reality is it doesn’t matter a lot.
JavaScript is present on:

  1. Front end (Browsers)
  2. Back end (Node, Deno)
  3. Android/iOS (React Native, NativeScript, etc.)
  4. Desktop (Electron)
  5. Hybrid (Ionic)

JavaScript is a multipurpose programming language. There are many, many things that it can be used for. Generally speaking, it is used to allow Website developers to create web pages that have some intelligence built in to them.

When diving into either programming or web development, JavaScript is an excellent language to learn. The capabilities of JavaScript allow you to use it in many different fields, from programming to web development. Mastering what is known as “vanilla” or plain JavaScript will help you to tackle more complicated frameworks and libraries to make you a competitive developer.

Considering the preceding list of what makes a language attractive, JavaScript is doing remarkably well. It certainly is not perfect, but at the moment, it is