GitHub is a source control platform that almost EVERY developer uses when creating projects that involve code. It’s safe where everyone can store their project files, revert to old versions of the project at any time if needed. You can also fork to new/ somebody’s project.

To find out about how to set up a GitHub on your computer, I recommend taking a look at this .

Quick fuzzy file search in repositories

This is, without doubt, the fastest way to browse a repository when you know what you’re looking for. Open up any repository and press t. You can now search for the name of any file in the repository, and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the results. Press Enter to open the file.

Octotree — like a slice of cake!

This great browser extension makes searching for files so easy! Helps you navigate directories, and open files with a familiar tree-like structure.

Creating a permalink to a file

When viewing a file or directory, press y, and the URL will be converted to a permalink. Now you can be sure that the shared contents of the file will never change.

Fast and simple code search

I you need to find a piece of code in the repository, but you don’t want to make a change, no worries. GitHub indexes most code and offers powerful search functionality over it. Press / to search all the code in the repository.

Applying topics to your repositories

It helps people discover them, and even contribute to them. Just clicking a button and typing keywords related to the project’s purpose.

Quick, I need my pic

If you ever need quick access to your profile picture, you can access it at[profilename].png