“It’s a fast, easy way to contribute to projects from OS X and Windows. Whether you’re new to GitHub or a seasoned user, GitHub Desktop is designed to simplify essential steps in your GitHub workflow and replace GitHub for Mac and Windows with a unified experience across both platforms.”

FigthPandemics gave me a chance to see how it is to work with a real-size web application. I was and still am amazed at how many features/components/folds/files have been created for one web application. I was able to dig in and explore, in exchange, I am helping redesign user profile card.

One of the challenges I found figuring out ‘were is what’ 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. Sound silly, but try to make changes in the hundreds-files project and don’t break anything. Especially that you haven’t been in the building process. Figuring out afterward is a bit harder. Well, that makes me really excited, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on a meaningful project!

The biggest challenge for me is GitHub. I wasn’t aware of this since my activities on GitHub were ‘well known’ and limited. Create repository, connect to project, commit changes, push. It works when a single person works on the project. But when it comes to being responsible and co-work with hundred people, and pressure to not push any bug and don’t even push without 10 people reviews your code, that requires some new skills.

To save a day I was introduced to GitHub Desktop. GitHub Desktop is a super flexible tool for all those who finds their way through the CLI very complex. It offers a beautiful and structured User Interface for the newcomers to keep them from using the black screen. It has a specific button for each and every Git command so that the need for CLI is never felt.

I can’t tell enough how it makes life easier. With three clicks you can create a ready review of the pull request. It saves automatically changes, adds changes to your commit interactively, quickly adds co-authors to your commit, checkout branches with pull requests, and view CI statuses, compare changed images.

Some may think this is a little “for beginners” and it doesn’t suit a real Software Engineer use tools like that. But in my opinion why not use tools that make your work easier and faster? If you don’t have to worry about settings you can focus on code and be more effective and creative. That’s a win-win situation. What is React. js if not simplified JavaScript? Where is the difference?

For more information and installation tips about GitHub Desktop, see “Installing and configuring GitHub Desktop” in the GitHub Desktop documentation.