Creating and Hosting portfolio in 5 min! (quick and dirty way 😈)

A couple of weeks ago I created my portfolio in react. I used templates so it took me a while to customize it. I spend a few days to rich the perfection of my own webpage. I edit photos, provided animations, and data. I was proud of the end product. Well, so far it’s a fairy tale story.

Then happened something that every web developer is terrifying of! I didn’t know how to go online… No, no, that’s not the worst thing, there is no person who would know everything, right? The worst thing ever that could happen to any web developer is… no source of information!

I and my fellows search for information for days, how to deploy webpage in the domain from The search lasted several days and we weren’t able to find any good and source with clear instructions. Only gossips and whispers…
We tried different options but as every programmer knows if you try too many things may break your code… In that case — that exactly what happened.


No, jk, jk!
For rescue came Joshua Fluke. He helped me to create a portfolio and deployed it through Github Page, that all in 5 min! Let me show you:

  1. Choose one of those Fully Responsive, Built on intelligent HTML5 + CSS3, Super Customizable, and the most important — FREE templates from HTLM5up.
  2. Open with Visual Studio Code and customize your portfolio!
    (for previews copy index.html path and copy in the browser)
  3. Go to your Github account, create a new repository using :

4. Upload the existing file.

4a . Grab all the files in your portfolio folder (only those insides, you cannot upload the entire folder), and drop them here ⬇️

4b. Commit changes!

5. Go to settings and:

if you don’t see the information “Your site is published at”, check if you choose the correct branch! Other thank that, click into a link, and enjoy your very first online portfolio!

If you have any resources which explain clearly how to upload your personal webpage with the domain, please leave a link in the comments section!

Resources :